New perspectives

As I walk down the streets of my city or wander about a big forest or beautiful beach, stories build up inside me and I am full of ideas. But once behind my desk there are so many times I notice I just get blocked. There is so much going on, so much options that I do not know or maybe do not dare to even start. So I just sit, go online and wander about internet. Looking for other persons doing great thing, making better art, having amazing projects and collaborations to then  get jealous, sad, mad and end up feeling miserable all over without having mad any process that day. I must say it happens less and less the last weeks. And maybe that is because I realize I am that person too. There is a part of me that dares to take place in this world. Not by screaming not by provoking but trough giving others and creating things with my heart and hands. Many, many times I felt like that elephant in a china shop. Kicking and screaming to make my point. To get others to see what I see. And you know, I did not mean wrong. I just did not understand how to.

Just recently I understood the power of letting go. The power of silence. Because you see, I have never been impressed by, material possessions, careers,  degrees, labels or achievements . I have never been the kind of person for small talk.  I am interested in you: a human being. I just never really knew how to bring that message and kept on kicking and screaming until the friendship broke. And of course that would make me sad as well…

And so I understood that, in order to help others, the best thing that I can do is help myself to grow. And trust that the other will follow. “Teach not preach” . Be patient with myself, understand that the mistakes I make or made in life where made because I did not know otherwise at that point of time.  That I had to walk that path to become the human being I am today. So that I can now understand every other human being on this planet is walking that same path, some run, some walk really slow, some get distracted, maybe even get lost a little and all we need to do is hold there hand and let them now their save. So that there is room to grow, to stumble and fall and if they do they know you will be there to catch them.

So instead of telling others what to do I take a deep breathe and see if the thing  I am telling the other person to do maybe the thing I should do myself… I step back from conflict situations and see what my part in the conflict was so I can try to prevent the conflict the next time. I am learning myself to say the things I feel, so instead of telling a friend she is making me feel bad and is unfair I tell her I feel left out and I miss her. It is not easy because you will feel vulnerable but i have noticed that when you do in the end you will just feel better, as will the people around you. And if they don’t then, “you can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you”. -the minimalists.

Speaking of minimalism, you might wonder what all of this has to do with minimalism and zero wast. A lot, as it is now that I have learned to let go of material things I can let go of mental patterns as well. It is that because there is becoming space in my house there is also space in my head….and there for room for new perspectives.

In all honesty,