Winters are for reading

I am investing in more reading time with my daughter lately. We always read to her before she goes to sleep but for the last couple of weeks I have introduced reading throughout the day again. She is already able to read by herself and does this a lot but reading to her makes a nice moment to connect.

Our favorites;

By far; the Bernadette Watts collection

Pete’s tree also by Bernadette Watts

The lion and the bird by Marianne Dubuc

Most of Astrid Lindgren books

The Snowman Raymond Briggs

Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl


Deesje Joke van Leeuwen

Minoes, Ibbeltje, Pluk van de petteflat van Annie M.G. Schmidt

I will add some more along the way!